jayjay (della28) wrote,

projection: what do you see?

Projections rule us.
They are our future, imposed on the present, which we’re unable to see blind with projections.
Projections have the power to create artefacts.
The artefacts build up a home for an egocentist artist, obsessed with the artistic creativity.
The power of destruction is the doorway to the pre-state of projecting from the future onto the present.
There is a Great Unexpected for which we are all craving. It is the light that hurts to look at.
There is no way I can use it. Nor that I want it.
The Blindness brings me to the Unexplained.
Which part of the corrupted light counted in particles can be captured?
Going blind is the only way to see the invisible spectre, the waves of energy, smashing the comfortable sense of space-time, existing in the Reality, already separated from the Reality.

Tags: art, inspiration
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